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8mm, Super 8 & 16mm Film
Digital Frame-By-Frame Transfers
Today's digital transfer technology provides far superior quality to most film transfers done in the past; optimum light source, even focus and no flickering or lines.

Transfer Options

1. Direct Transfer of the films' entire contents directly to DVD.

8mm & Super 8 - $0.20/ft.
Super 8 with Sound - $0.25/ft.
16mm film - $0.25/ft.

2. Transfer of the film to "AVI" video files for editing on PC or Mac.

You may supply an outboard storage drive or memory stick for your video files or, they can be burned to DVD. This type of file requires nearly 1GB of space per 3-4 min. film.

Note:Prices include film cleaning, leader & splices.

Interested in seeing a before and after?

Click on the cartoon to download a 45 second video demonstration.

Identify Your Film Type

Super 8
Super 8 Sound
16 mm Silent
16 mm Sound

Common reel sizes:
3in. = 50ft. 6in. = 300ft.
4in. = 100ft. 7in. = 400ft.
5in. = 200ft. 16mm film comes on reels up to 15 in., 2300 ft.

How many feet of 8mm film will fit on 4.7 Gigabyte '2 hour' DVD?

8mm: 1500ft. or more
Super 8: up to 1700 ft. or more.
16mm: up to 3600 ft.

Note: All numbers are approximations and depend on film speed.

Editing and Colour Correction

Film that is too dark, too light, or off-tint can be substantially improved using sophisticated software. ADD will perform a limited amount of colour correction at no additional charge. Totally black, white, or totally blurred footage will be omitted.

Condition of Film

After cleaning and repair, most old film will yield a watch-able picture, despite years of abuse. However, if your 8MM film smells bad, (resembles vinegar) it may be too late. Film that has been improperly stored starts to break down chemically and is rendered useless. Film that is curled or brittle may also be too far gone.

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